Monday, September 28, 2009

Sailing around the Whitsunday's!

It started with a mad rush of a booking getting the last spot on the all mighty sailing boat "Freight Train". There were to be 18 of us sailing, snorkeling and diving around the Whitsunday's for 3 days and 2 nights. But yet again, there is always an adventure to be had.

Friday night we slept on the boat just outside of Hayman Island expecting to wake up bright early when we all woke up to a dead engine. It took about 6 hours for them to sort it out at which time we were greeted with a Trimaran, "Avator" coming to our rescue. We were all shuttled onto the boat that was definitely an upgrade and told we were to be put up in a resort because there wasn't enough room to sleep on the boat.

As we were put onto a dingy at 10 o'clock that night we arrived to the "resort"where I classically fell out of the dingy and soaked myself in ankle high water. As I came up to the rest of the group, slightly embarrassed, and moreso simply unimpressed, I was pleasantly surprised to find another girl has fallen in as well. Nothing brings people together faster than humiliation.

As the night went on, the "hot shower" was actually a freezing cold leaky pipe, and the "beds" were tents. Side note: remember, this isn't just camping on the beach, there are spiders the size of my hand, lizards and snakes and any other terrifying creature you can imagine.

Aside from the interesting accommodation, we made it to the unreal Whitehaven Beach, snorkeled the Great Barrier reef everyday, and spent my time sailing on an unbelievable boat.

I'm now carrying on down the coast to Frasier Island; maybe I'll find my new calling is driving a 4x4 on the beach.

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