Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aussie Animal Adventures

Sunday I spent hanging around Cairns, did a bit of a pub crawl and called it an early night. Monday morning I was to be up and on the bus bright and early to make my way up to Cape Tribulation; up the coast where the crocs are.

I've never had a more frightening experience then this one when it came to bus drivers. As we wound along the coastal road hugging the mountainside, all I could do was stare out the window thinking, "Well, atleast my scene of death was pretty awesome."

We made our way to a wildlife park where I saw my first cassowary, crocs, wallabies and kangaroos. Had a bit of a situation with the kanga's but that's a story for another day. Went to Mossman Gorge, the Daintree River and Cape Tribulation where we could look out and see the part of the reef where Steve Irwin died (RIP).

After a jam packed day, I made it back to Cairns in one piece only to pack and head to the bus for 8:30 the next morning. Arrived in Townsville around 4 and made it to the dodgy hostel. Next morning, grabbed the first ferry over to Magnetic Island where we had the most amazing breakfast, held a koala, pet a croc and fed a cockatoo from my mouth. We were planning on going for a walk, but it was so bloody hot we only made it as far as the pool side bar. Tough life.

Today, I am aiding to my gorgeous backpack tan and revving up to take a trip around the Whitsunday's tomorrow.

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