Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Now walk it out.

The weekend was spent hanging out with Beth's lovely flatmates, pints, sing-alongs about ridiculous Canadians, kangaroos and Seinfeld.
Sunday I made my way to Bondi to see my friend Rach. There was the "Festival of Winds" going on which provided great entertainment as hundreds of kites could be seen from the patio. Very cool.
When I got up Monday morning, I was pumped for a surf lesson back in Bondi only to arrive to find them completely booked. On the bright side, I'm off to the coast tomorrow which has the best surfing in the country, warmer waters with a downside of shark. (Yes, I'll be careful. And just think, I don't have to outsurf the shark, just outswim the other newbie.)
Instead of heading back into town, I opted to do the beautiful coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee Beach. Basically, a 4 hour stroll that reveals another beautiful beach after every corner.

Tuesday morning, I made my way down to Circular Quay, and grabbed a ferry to Manly Beach. Beautiful day and perfect for another coastal hike. This one was a bit tougher; all uphill over boulders and through the bush. Thanks to a lovely show called "Bite Me" that the flatmates were so inclined for me to watch the night before, I was afraid I may come face to face with some sort of man-eating spider or tick.

I made it to the top of several unreal lookouts, figured out the self-timer on the camera, and pulled a classic Pitts' taking several pictures of myself running to pose.

On my way back down, high on adrenaline and sunshine, I had to admit to myself I was slightly bummed I missed out on some wildlife when sure enough, I saw the tail of something slither under a rock in front of me. My instincts told me it was a cute little salamander similar to one I would find in my backyard, until it stuck its head out from the rock which was the size of my entire big toe and I made my way quickly past with a bunch of girlie squeals and ews.

Again, slightly disappointed I didn't get a picture, I rounded the next corner to find a good sized iguana-lizard-thing sunbathing on a nearby rock. I made a muppet-like cry, and it ran onto the step in front of me, posing long enough for me to get his picture. A little freaked out, but very cool.

Today, I'm researching, l'ndrying, and organizing in preparation for the big haul of the coast. Crocs, lagoons and hammocks? Let's rock.

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