Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So here we are! Approximately 26 hours, 3 terrible meals, and 2 planes later with a pile of stories already to kick-off this adventure.

Let's begin. Toronto was good; a positive round of good-byes, quick customs, pleasant wait to board, and easy plane ride. Thanks to the latest and greatest of technology, I spent 6 hours with Zac Efron, Hugh Jackman, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd.

Arrival in San Fran (10:00 pm local, 1:00 am SoOn): No big deal. I go on the hunt for an internet hub to send off a notice of life. After I asked someone where such a thing might be, I was directed to a near-by vending machine where you could buy an Ipod Touch that could then be connected to the readily available Wi-Fi. This could be done in between your shopping stops with the infamous players, Coach, Burberry, Louis, and Dolce. 

I then decided the email could wait, and chose sleep. I found a corner, contorted my body to lay across a couple of chairs and armrests with my satchels interwoven with my limbs, wrapped my pashmina around my face and settled in for a quick nap.

San Fran- Sydney (Boarding time: 10:30 pm): Taking my nan's advice, I thought it would be a good idea to take the Gravol 1/2 an hour before I was hoping to sleep. NOTE: THIS IS NOT EFFECTIVE IF THE PLANE IS DELAYED.  As well, for someone who doesn't take medication often, and then chooses to play safe and take 2 Gravol's, this may not have been one of my brightest moments. The last thing I heard was the flight attendant's voice over the intercom telling everyone to stay awake for dinner service. No such luck. I was however, fortunate enough to have a very nice Aussie gentleman sitting beside me who woke me in time to wipe the drool from my mouth before dinner.
I was able to pack in 6.5 hours of sleep on the 14 hour plane ride. 

At the end of the flight, I watched the sun rise over the ocean as we came into land in Sydney... should I repeat that to re-iterate how cool that is?

After a bit of confusion, and hustle and bustle, I got my bags, through customs successfully (after being told they may make me clean my shoes... what?!) and into a taxi to Beth's house. I was greeted by a very excited and enthusiastic Beth with open arms and a bed for the day.

Stay classy Canada.

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