Friday, September 11, 2009

First few days in the big Sydney

The rest of my first day consisted of schooners and a steak dinner. One really can't complain.
Thursday morning I woke up feeling ambitious and decided I would venture down to the harbour to check out "THE" Opera House. Over the next 5 hours, I got lost and found my way through the city. Wharf's, harbours, boats, bridges, Royal Botanical Gardens, you know, the usual. When I first made my way through Sydney, it felt alot like Toronto. But ho ho ho, this would be true if Toronto was built on a bajillion hills.

The Royal Botanical Gardens were beautiful, but I truly believe that Dr. Seuss may have been inspired by Aus and its crazy plants, birds and animals. 

I finally made my way home alive and exhausted where I met Beth's lovely roommate Hadriene who was kind enough to offer me his girlfriend's bike for the next week while she was out of town. Great. Tomorrow. This was not good enough for him, and there was no saying "no thank you" to a 2- hour tour of Sydney with a ridiculously fit French guy. Opera House again? Why not. RBG again? Sure. Wooloomooloo? Yes. University of Sydney? Uh-huh. Terrace Garden Tour? Really?! And... did I mention that Sydney is made entirely of hills?! I shouldn't complain as it was alot of fun, but Hadriene's favourite joke was to tell me "last slope!"..."Just kidding!". Not amused. When I FINALLY got home again, it was an early night.

Yesterday, Beth took the day off and we had a great day bumming around Glebe. We went for pints down at The Rocks at a really neat pub, "The Lord Nelson" (Sound familiar?) and then up to King's Cross. Beth's good friend is a DJ so we met up with her for a great night on the town. 

Stay tuned for an upcoming surfing lesson and more fun in the Syd.

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