Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fraser Island Extravaganza!

After an overnight train ride into Hervey Bay, I knew I had to get it together before Fraser Island. 4 days, 17 people, 2 trucks, Dingoes; all on the biggest sand island in the world.

I stayed in a lovely hostel that was actually clean, and met some amazing people in my room that were going on tour with me. For those who don't know, I haven't slept in a room with less than 4 people this entire trip; no, it hasn't been "that" kind of trip. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Friday morning we met our crew, organized the camping equipment and got pumped to do our self-drive tour. The group consisted of 8 Americans, 2 French, 2 Dannish, 2 Sweds, 1 Irish, 1 South American, and of course, Miss Canada.

Now, a "self-drive tour" would be great if 1: we all knew how to drive on the left side of the car, and 2: If we were all professional sand-dune drivers. I was in the truck with the Americans who fit the classic stereotype and loved anything that was loud and obnoxious. Our driver was actually very good, and as safe as possible and we didn't get stuck once. Unfortunately, the other guys also fit the American stereotype of having a surplus of testosterone and anyone who we came across who was stuck, the football team unloaded from the back of the truck to flex their muscles only to finish the session with a chestbump and high fives.

The first night we stayed in an Aboriginal camp ground which was awesome, and the second night we camped on the beach. I was so happy to get some legitimate camping in, the South American girl and myself got up bright and early to watch the sunrise on Fraser Island. Very cool. We also watched whales playing while sitting on the beach. Hervey Bay is where whales bring their babies to play with before they take them back down to coast to cooler waters.

On the tour, we visited Lake Mackenzie, which was this unreal fresh water lake in the middle of the island that is surrounded by bright white sand, and has beautful crystal blue water. We also went to Indian Head to see more whales, sting rays, turtles, etc.

After we made it back to Hervey Bay, with sand in places I didn't even know I had, there was time for a washing, quick dinner and bed with an early train down the coast to Brisbane.

I met up with my friend's Siobhan and Pavan in Brisbane to celebrate Pavan's last few days in Aus as she was heading back to Vancouver. Fortunately for me, Pavan was booked into a hotel, and offered for me to pay her whatever I would have paid for a hostel and stay with them. Luxurious! I had forgotten how nice it was to shower without wearing flipflops.

Yesterday we spent at the Australian Zoo...THE IRWIN ZOO! It was AWESOME. Pictures coming soon.

As for right now, I'm heading into Surfer's to meet up with a few friends, visit Coolangata and Byron Bay for maybe a surf lesson or two. Too easy mate, too easy.

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